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Nina's child exercice

Nina Gautadóttir designs her artwork throughout her journeys. As a child, she is fascinated by Icelandic women who turn knitting and patching into an art form. Naturally, she becomes passionate about weaving, and more precisely, about the traditional Gobelin tapestry technique that she learns in Paris, France. During these years, she invents her own style, at the crossroad between mastered tradition and overflowing fiber. Her designs become organic and sensual, emerging from lucky accidents and interlocking knots.

Following her graduation in arts at the École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux Arts in Paris, her creative research continues when she meets Tuareg nomads in Niger, where she lives during two years. They share their leather work skills with her, which gives her the opportunity to reinvent her own artistic practice ; the link with a living material becomes central to her focus. Back in Europe, she travels all around Iceland and later studies ancient languages in Paris. Thus, she feeds her new pictorial language, using an easel as a loom. From the material of canvas arise imaginary landscapes and signs of the past.

After many years engaged in painting, she finally settles in Paris to give a new orientation to her work. Here, she accumulates many materials that she finds from all around the city and reuses them in her artwork. Now she is having fun with threads, glitter, jewelry and image associations in a kitsch, colorful, and flowery universe.


Nína Gautadóttir, born in Iceland, lives and works in Paris.

1970: Arrives in Paris. Attends French class at the Sorbonne University and drawing class at the Beaux Arts de Montparnasse

1976: Receives Fine Arts diploma from the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts de Paris (painting section, Mr. Singier's workshop)

1981: Paris, learns tapestry according to the Gobelins traditional technique

1983: Stays in Niger, works leather with Tuaregs

1985: Paris, back to painting, especially acrylic on canvas

1986: Stays in Cameroon, keeps painting (lyrical abstraction)

1988-1990: Paris, studies ancient Egyptian (hieroglyphs) at the Catholic Institute of Paris

1988-1991: Several exhibitions including paintings inspired by Egyptian hieroglyphs and Nordic runes

1990-1992: Produces twenty-nine paintings inspired by the landscapes of
 the European Parliament member countries

1994-1995: Produces a painting eighty meters long inspired by the book Around the World in Eighty days

1996: Twenty-five large-scale paintings intended for an art exhibition in Iceland disappear at Paris-CDG airport and are still missing.

1988-2005: Creation of a slideshow containing twenty-five thousand images of redhead women in the arts.

2006-2007: Creates portraits of redhead women with mixed technics and copper wire.

1970-2009: Study trips to Spain, Denmark, Sweden, Greece, Italy, Morocco, Turkey, Egypt, United States, United Kingdom, Portugal, Africa etc.

Scholarships :

1990: Icelandic Government

1984 -1986: Icelandic Government

1978: Italian Government

1974-1976: French Government

Last exhibitions:

2018 : Personal exhibition - Gallery Grafik, Reykjavik

2013 : Residency - Gallery Sim, Berlin


2012 : Personal exhibition - Maison Fey, Paris

List of personal exhibitions:

2008: Start Art Gallery, Reykjavik

2007: Asvellir Gallery, Reykjavik

2006: Museum of Witchcraft, Hólmavík

2003: Garbell Gallery, Paris

1996: City Museum, Kópavogur

1994: Stöðlakot Gallery, Reykjavík

1992: City’s Art Center, Blois

1992: Palace of Europe, Strasbourg

1991: Mairie du neuvième arrondissement, Paris

1991: Rose Cross Salon, Paris

1991: Kronenbourg Art Space, Paris

1991: Slúnkaríki Gallery, Ísafjöður

1990: City Museum, Reykjavík

1988: Svart Gallery in Hvítu, Reykjavík

1988: Glerakkirkja church, Akureyri

1988: Center for Contemporary Art, Rouen

1987: Étienne de Causans Gallery, Paris

1986: French Cultural Center, Yaoundé, Cameroon

1986: City Museum, Reykjavík

1985: I.F.C.A.M. Paris

1984: La Grande Masse des Beaux-Arts, Paris

1983: Listmunahúsið Gallery, Reykjavík

1983: French Cultural Center, Niamey, Niger

1980: City Museum, Reykjavík

1974-2007: group exhibitions

2012 : Personal exhibition - Maison Fey, Paris

2013 : Residency, Gallery Sim, Berlin

2018 : Personal exhibition - Gallery Grafik, Reykjavik

Prizes and awards:

1989: Silver medal of the city of Paris

1988: Bronze medal of the city of Athens

1977: Medal of Honor, International Exhibition, Biarritz

1976: Medal of Honor, Salon of Lutécia, Paris

1976: Bronze Medal, French Artists Fair, Paris

1975: Salon of Foreign Artists, Fellows of the French Government

Artworks included in public and private collections of many countries.

Other studies:

1969: Nursing state diploma, Iceland.

1969-1970: Nurse in Cardiology at the National Hospital of Iceland.

1998-2000: Master's degree in Psychoanalysis, University of Paris 8

2003: Master II of Psychoanalysis, University of Paris 8.

1998-2005: Involved in the clinical section of Psychoanalysis in Parisian hospitals

2007-2008: National Guide of Iceland diploma

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